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Mar 11, 2019
1) No underage content! This is your one and only warning. Everyone you post must be 18 or over.
2) No spamming
3) Do not use any link shortening / referral sites such as *No URL short links* &
4) Any files you upload must not be password protected
5) Be respectful of other members
6) No self promotion
7) Before making a request please search to see if the content has already been requested
8) Administrators and Moderators have the right to edit, delete & move threads, replies & links
9) Do not post links containing malicious software
10) If you wish to upload a single file larger than 1GB please see the list of approved file hosts
11) If you wish to embed content such as a gif from gfycat please post the direct link which will automatically embed.
12) No selling photos / asking for money to upload
13) No D1scord or Tele-gram links
14) The hidethanks code is only to be used for content hosted on external sites

These rules can change at any time
If you have any problems please send me a PM

*Updated 22nd September 2019 to add rule 13
*Updated 16th October to fix approved file hosts url
*Updated 28th May. Self Promotion allowed
*Updated 24th June to add rule 14
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